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Episode: 068 All I Want For Christmas

Episode 068: All I Want For Christmas

In this episode the guys take some time to talk about Overland Expo East and some of the apparent issues with this years event. The main topic the guys give some ideas for Christmas gifts for yourself or the Toyota offroad nut in your life. they also take a few minutes to discuss rumors about Toyota dropping a few models, listener feedback and more.

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Relevant links:
Razorback Land Cruisers — razorbacklandcruisers.com/
Overland Expo East — www.overlandexpo.com/east/
Toyota may cut name plates — autoweek.com/article/car-news/toyota-may-cut-nameplates-here-are-prime-candidates

Gift Ideas:
TLCA membership — tlca.org/
Light In Sight — lightinsight.com/
Currie tire deflator — www.currieenterprises.com/ce-9029e
ARB analog tire deflator — store.arbusa.com/ARB-E-Z-Deflator-Kit-ARB505-P3602.aspx
ARB digital tire deflator — store.arbusa.com/ARB-DIGITAL-TIRE-INFLATOR-ARB601-P22940C9.aspx
Staun tire deflators — www.stauntyredeflators.com.au/
Trailhead tire deflators — www.trailheaddeflators.com/
Petzl headlamp — www.petzl.com/US/en
Land Cruiser cookie cutters — www.etsy.com/shop/RedRocketLabs
HiLift — hi-lift.com/
aFe dry air filters — afepower.com/
Frontrunner Wolf Pack storage boxes — www.frontrunneroutfitters.com/en/us/front-runner-wolf-pack.html
Rigid storage boxes — www.ridgid.com/id/en/professional-tool-storage
Baofeng handheld 2m radios (UV5 series) — baofengtech.com/baofeng-radio
Trasharoo — www.trasharoo.com/
Crosby screw pin bow/anchor shackles — www.thecrosbygroup.com/
Van Beest screw pin bow/anchor shackles — www.vanbeestusa.com/
C4RS (Custom 4wd Recovery Systems) — www.c4rsonline.com
Treaty Oak Off Road — www.treatyoakoffroad.com/

*** Listen to the podcast for more gift ideas! ***

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Episode: 067 Charged Up

In Jasons absence Rich and Andy take over the show, They take some time to discuss a few Toyota trucks spotted at SEMA and for a main topic the guys talk batteries.

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Episode: 066 Haters Gonna Hate

In the episode Jason and Rich chat about some recent repairs Rich had to do on his FJ, The discuss some of the new things about the 2019 truck line, and once again revisit the division between some Land Cruiser owners and the rest of the community.

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Episode: 065 My Absolute Wits’ End

Rich is back in the cohost seat and the guys take some time catching up. The main topic is an interview with Joey Romero from Absolute Wits’ End, Joey takes some to to discuss the origins of his company, his approach to product development and some new exciting products is working on. The guys get into a discussion about the 8″ diff and the recent discussions about its durability. Listener feedback and more.

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Episode: 064 Do You Want To Swap?

In this episode Jason and And are joined By Andy Ridge and Ryan Kuykendall and the guys discuss engine swaps, pros, cons and all around advice. Readers Ride featuring Stephen Hanlon talking about his Tacoma and more.

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