Episode: 031

In this episode the guy discuss Jason’s new FJC. They also discuss the several different Toyota models based on the same platform and share their opinions on them. Community spotlight, the guys discuss The 4th Annual Introduction To Offroad put on by the good folks at Chi Town 4×4.

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  1. I will be getting back into yotatech because I bought back my 82 and will rebuild it and this time I have all the parts to make it 4wd!!!!! congrats on the FJ. When Rich was talking about documenting the mods to a vehicle and the info did not travel with vehicle when sold, one thing I did on a truck that I had was to take a sharpie and write my email address on the door behind the door panel and add a little phrase like for more info on this truck email me. I have gotten a email from the current owner or in one case 2 owners on every truck that I have done that too.

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