Episode: 028

Jason and Rich have an impromptu discussion about tires. An interview with Mark and Merri Morrall from Mark and Merri’s FJ cruiser build youtube series, Listener feedback and a whole lot more.

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  1. talking about the KM2’s the company I work for had a set on one of our F250 service trucks these trucks are heavy they have utility beds on them with a CNG tank in the back and as many fittings and parts that we can stuff in them, the tires did great in the mud here and seemed to wear pretty good on the street for the type of tire but the truck had two blow outs with them both around 30,000 miles on two different sets of tires, both times on the rear. they have since started putting the Good Year Silent armor (with Kevlar) on them and they do great for the heavy trucks alright in mud but really good in snow or at least what little bit we get here.

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