Episode: 027

Jason and Rich have a big show this episode. Jason spends some time talking to Baker from BakesFJ about his accident, plans for the future and more. The guys spend some time talk about the word “Overlanding” and give their opinions. An interview with OX overland formally Oregon Trail Offroad. Jason has a special guest stop by the studio, and a lot more.

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  1. I’m thinking Bakers going with a 470 and a off-road teardrop. OX didn’t say what part of the Ozarks… Mo, Ar, Ok? Jason I too would like to do a trip down the High Water Mark in the Ar. portion of the Ozarks, Maybe I will have mine done by time you get around to it oh and I too am also planning on building mine overland/expedition/back country travel style. I’m glad you didn’t edit out the invader that was great! Keep it up!

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