Jason spent some time having a campfire conversation with a group of friends at the 25th Great Smokey Mountain Trail Ride, a few funny stories and just good conversation.

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  1. Guys I really enjoyed this episode. I went to GSMTR last year for the first time, only one day but had a great time. I don’t know the guys from App Cruisers personally but have chatted with several on IH8MUD. It was really cool listening to the old stories from GSMTR and how it all started. I bought my 1st Cruiser back in 1993, it was a 1983 FJ60 and that’s where my love of Land Cruisers started. I’ve owned the one 60, 6 or 7 FZJ80’s and 3 100 series. Out of all of those, only 3 were built for the trails including my current 1998 LC 100 Series. Keep up the great work, John

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