Episode: 017

Jason and Rich discuss what they are doing to prepare for Appilachian Toyota Roundup. Give their opinions on the recent vandalism that took place in Moab, and the communitys reaction to it, A great interview with Brian from Frontrange Offroad, listener feedback and much more.

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  1. Nice episode guys! I cannot believe Jason would make that interview public with Brian the way he was swooning…LOL!!!

    great stuff I am now surfing the FROR site! I tend to shop at places more if I can meet or hear the way they talk to other people and I like they way they treat them and Brian sounds like a top notch guy! In the future I will buy something from him just because of this interview!

    In my world my project has just turned the direction Brian was talking about I have a 86 xtra cab IFS I was going to build, but I recently acquired a 85 4runner with the w56 and top shift case that will now receive a extra cab body and bobbed bed!

    Thanks again guys for listening material while I’m at work!

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