Episode: 014

Jason and Rich discuss Rich finishing up and getting his I4 training certification, and attending the Moose on the loose event in Maine. the guys discuss possible plans for the Appalachian Toyota Roundup. Interview with Shane Williams from TCT magazine. Andy Jordan is this episodes winner of the listener rides photo contest. Listener feedback and more

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  1. Hey thanks for the shout out Jason weird to hear my handle on the air but thanks and I cannot believe its been that long since we met down in AR. but hey time fly’s, hearing Rich talk about being up in Maine was real nice, I saw a bunch of pics on his Facebook page and it looked like a good trip. I keep looking at the YouTube page thinking yawl will put some stuff up, Rich that dust video would be a good one to use, Jason some of those videos from MOAB would be cool too, when yawl meet up at ATR you could video that podcast and put it up, but I cannot complain I started a channel a year ago and still have not posted any vids. Keep it up guys good work!

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