Episode: 010

Jason and Rich discuss Jason’s Plans for a suspension refresh on his T4R, Rich reviews the FJ northeaster event. Main topic is an interview with Niall Johnson from TOLTEC coffee. community spotlight the guys discuss Razor Back Ramble. all this and more.

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  1. Hey Jason how did you make out with the rear cargo glass, did you install it yet? I also have the SPC/light racing upper control arms on my 3rd gen 3Runner. Had them for about 2 years now. The best deal I could fin was on Amazon. On Amazon the price fluctuates from 350 to 500. I waited it out till the price dropped. I got them for $370. Looked just now and they are Aron the $500 mark. Just watch it fr a while and the price will come down.

    1. Hi will, I did indeed get the window replaced, wasn’t as bad as I anticipated and glad to have the experience.
      Thanks for the info on the UCAs, I don’t know why I rarely think to check Amazon for truck parts, but I will definitely be keeping on eye there now as you are the second person to point it out to me lol.
      Thanks for listening and hope you are enjoying the show. Jason

      1. It’s a good show so don’t mind listening. Forgot to mention that I have a nice cheap sturdy front set up sway bar disconnect. I can send you some pics and a parts list and you an go from there if you want. I have no bar out back and just the one in the front makes it handle just fine on the road. When I get to the trail the come off fairly quick.

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