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Episode: 060

Pre-recorded “Live” from Colorado fireside whiskey chat with Jason, Rich and Matt Balazs of On Trail Training covering exploring Colorado, recoveries and more!

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Episode: 059

In this episode the guys take some time to discuss prepairing for the Coal Mine Cruiser Classic expo run, a great conversation with Chameo Frierson [], Toyota news and more

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Great Smoky Mountain Trail Ride 2018

The guys take some time and talk about their recent trip to GSMTR, discuss different parts of the event, bring you an interview with Regina Hoffman and Morgan Lyle organizers of the 1rst annual GSMTR Ladies Ride as well as a conversation with event organizers Andy Ridge, Andy Scott and Jamie Murphy.

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Episode: 058

In this episode the guys talk a little about projects the have going on, a great interview with Jason Demello recorded at Lonestar Toyota Jamboree, Toyota news, some discusionabout Coal Mine Cruiser Classic and much more.

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This episode is packed with interviews from vendors and organizers of the event. Glen from Rad Flo, Daniel from OEM Audio +, Tacoma Beast, Nathan from CBI offload, 4runner mods and organizers Tom Gormley and Mike Lemery all sat down and gave us some time.

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