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Episode: 039

In this episode the guys discuss some interesting Toyota news, Jason’s recent wheeling trip, the Climb to the falls event, Jason give some initial feed back on the new Yokohama GOO3M/Ts, listener feed back and more.


Episode: 038

In this episode the guys discuss so Toyota news, Toyota will no longer offer a standard cab Tundra, The for some reason overlooked 2017 200 series Land Cruiser, and Toyota has no plans to do away with a body on frame SUV. Jason does an interview with Dylan Ewald former employee of ToyTec lifts and Sport Truck USA, Discussing Dylans 4runner, wheeling in Utah and more. Listener feedback community spotlight and more.


Bonus Episode: Co Commander Kennedy Speaks

In this bonus episode of the podcast Co Commander Kennedy from Bakes FJ/Bourn Adventure fame comes on the show to talk about what its like to travel with, hang out with and just in general be friends with Baker. He tells funny stories, talks about some of his favorite adventures and dishes some dirt on Baker.


Episode: 037

In this episode the guys talk about issues they are having with their trucks. Jason talks about having the opportunity to review the new Yokohama GOO3 M/T and this leads into a conversation about sponsorships. listener feedback, community spotlight and much more.


Episode :036

In this episode Jason and Rich discuss Rich’s recent Trip to Overland Expo. The guys spend some time recapping their time at Great Smokey Mountain Trail Ride. listener feedback that will tug at your heart strings, and community spotlight that is a little dated.