jason hoffman is not an expert on toyotas just an enthusiast, he has been wheeling for 20 plus years and purchased his first toyota about 10 years ago, a 86 4runner that he still owns today, along with that there have been several other trucks along the way, at the moment the stable includes 2 1rst gen 4runners a 3rd gen 4runner and a 1rst gen tundra. jason resides in the south eastern US and wheels mostly in TN and the surrounding states. He is married with grown children and grand children that he is actively teaching to love toyotas. by profession he is an over the road truck driver, but loves to spend time in the shop wrenching or fabbing on one of his many projects, as well as now trying to fit in a blog and a podcast. jason is a member of “SOUTH EAST TOYOTA LAND CRUISERS’, ‘SOUTHERN 4WD’, and other off road clubs and promotes responsible wheeling. jason is also interested in the preservation and restoration of classic toyotas.