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Episode: 071 are you gonna SAS it?

January 7, 2019

Jason, Rich and Andy talk a little about Solid Axle Swaps, Jason and Rich have a discussion with Andrew Nicholes and get feedback from a guy that has actually done it. more

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  1. Great episode Jason! The interview was both informative and inspirational to register for the Appalachian Toyota Round-up. Hope to see the both of you there! It also give you and Rich a few more months to practice the pronunciation of my last name ­čÖé

    As you know, I picked up that ’89 4Runner, and I think I’ve decided to go the 3.4 route for now, and SAS later. Seems like a good way to do a “little bit” at a time.
    Any information you guys can provide on the swap would help, I’m a noob when it comes to the older 4Runners. Seems there are a lot of resources on it, and a few build threads, but I’d appreciate a push in the right direction. It seems I can find a JDM 3.4 here in FL for about $1000. Seems about the same price range as a complete 3.0 teardown and rebuild, which would leave me with a less desirable and powerful engine. As always, good job and ’till next time!
    Dan IJpkemeule

    1. Hey Dan
      Look forward too meeting you at ATR. I have limited experience with the 3.4 swap, but the one thing I have read a lot is it is so much easier with a complete donor vehicle, or as much as you can get any way, every thing wiring related, come from the same truck will fit with the swap, no oddball plugs etc, you also need part of the exhaust if I understand correctly. Again I am no expert, good luck with the swap and keep us updated on how things go.

  2. Am I really the only one commenting on the website? Or is it just that I can only see my previous post?
    Either way, here’s a question for you guys.

    I have my 2014 FJC, lifted about 3″ with 2.5 Radflo and Metaltech long travel rear. LR UCA’s, proper rear LCA’s and reinforced mounts. It handles very well, and it makes most obstacles we find around here on the Florida trails pretty effortless. The one thing most of us are lacking in Florida is added armor. We just don’t have much need for it.
    Of course the OEM engine and transmission skid are better than nothing, and sliders help, but with the Appalachian Roundup coming up, I was hoping Jason could give me some insight on how rocky the trails are. Obviously I have to stay away from the insane stuff as I have to drive back to FL with my family, but I don’t want to drive on dirt roads only either.
    A full skid set is not in the budget right now, but Rich, as a fellow FJC guy, what do you see the most critical armor needed in addition to bumper/slider/LCA mounts? Do you have any thoughts on Aluminum vs. Steel? Obviously it’s lighter, but is it strong enough?

    Following up on the shoutout on the last podcast, I’m obviously very much interested in doing a TTAT trail run.

    Again, #15 was a great episode as usual, and it was fine for me being as long as it was. Baker is an interesting guy to listen to, and to follow on social media. As I told Jason, I took a pic of my 4 year old daughter on his truck at the Lonestar Jamboree, but was unable to have a beer with him that evening.

    Another thing came to mind, and Rich, you can probably talk for days about this being you’re the certified instructor, but everyone talks about picking lines. What exactly are we looking for when we are picking lines? There must be things we prioritize as we determine a line – Body damage vs. Underbody damage vs. rollover vs. tire sidewall scraping etc etc. How do we, in theory, go about picking a line?

    Anyway, that’s enough for now,


  3. Until I listened to the first half of Episode 4 and the discussion about crawl control, I never thought I was missing anything with my ’11 Army Green TTSE. I crawl control that darned good? Can CC be added on to an FJ?

    1. Crawl control is great for folks who might not have the training or experience to apply brake/throttle modulation or just want to make life easier.
      As for adding CC to a 2011 FJ Cruiser, I do not believe the system is compatible with your current ABS ECU — but I don’t know for sure.
      (Answered by Rich)

      1. I have yet to find a mod for a hand throttle for an 80 series. Years ago they were pretty common on 40s and other 4x4s whoase name cannot be mentioned (lol) Bump up the revs to about 12 or 1300 and left foot the brake pedal. Is that being done any longer?

        1. Moak I would assume the reason you don’t see many in an 80 would be because of the auto trans, a buddy of mine runs one in his 40 and it always amazes me how fast and without thought he uses it, since I converted my 4 runner to a manual Ive considered it many times for sure.

  4. Hey Guys, I am a loyal listener at this point. Loving the interviews with Toyota-oriented luminaries. I have not listened to 47 yet, but the Big Mike interview was pivotal for me. My brand new 2017 TRD Off-Road Tacoma is getting a TacoBox!

    One thing I would love to get some conversation started on is bumper design. Seems that all the new stuff obscures the winch to the point of uselessness. It is not safe if the drum is not visible. Perhaps removable covers that can be secured when not on the trail are a solution. But, I can tell you, as I search for options for my new truck there seems to be a dearth of actual winching knowledge and experience in the bumper design world. It is frustrating.

    Keep up the good work you guys!

    Ted Dinwiddie

  5. Looks like really good stuff going on here Jason. It’ll take a while to work through the archives. Enjoyed meeting you at Coppinger Cove this past weekend.
    Keep it up.
    Brian West

  6. About Expo East. I attended on Saturday. I drove to the Oscar Brewery to park, found it full and was directed to the music center. This was at 9:30 am. 10 minutes later I was parked and waiting to register. 10 minutes later I was on the bus heading to the venue. Yes, it was muddy but walkable. I spent most of the day leaving around 3:30. Bus wait was less than 10 minutes and we went directly to the parking lot. Had a great time.

  7. Wanted to add to the gift idea list. Two pieces of my favorite gear, which are super cheap, is a packing blanket from Harbor Freight (About $5) which is great to throw under your truck when you need to crawl under or simply throw on the ground as a picnic sort of blanket. Can also lay over a fender when working under the hood. Extremely useful. When they get too grungy, just buy another one! The other item are the tiny folding camp chairs you can get at Academy Sports for under $10. They fit in a trasharoo and your back will love you when airing up or down tires. Also is great to have an extra chair for a buddy or someone who forgot to bring a camp chair for fire pit gatherings and such.



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